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Province Wide Fire Ban - Limit OHV Use

06 May 2016 7:54 AM | Dean Bradko (Administrator)

As you are likely well aware, Alberta has announced a province wide fire ban.  In addition to banning open fires and charcoal briquettes, they have also banned incendiary shooting targets.  Currently, the province has not taken measures to ban OHV use but is pleading for us to limit OHV use as much as possible.

I you do ride this weekend, please ensure your spark arrestors are in place and that you are vigilant about keeping your exhaust and muffler clear of burnable debris.

  • Check Alberta Fire Bans before going out, and follow ALL instructions.
  • If camping, do not leave cooking stoves or lanterns unattended.
  • Avoid OHV use as much as possible.
  • Do not throw out lit cigarettes.
    While the province has not instated a BAN on OHV use, please be mindful that a fire started by OHV use right now could very well result in an outright ban in addition to drawing negative attention during these sensitive political times.
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