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Who we are:


The Lac Ste. Anne ATV club is a non-profit organization dedicated to trail development, fund raising, rider education, and supporting the ATV community.  We are registered with the Alberta Off Highway Vehicle Association (AOHVA).



Why join?


We think it is important for every OHV enthusiast to belong to a club, particularly one that is AOHVA sanctioned.  In addition to being a great way to ride, socialize, and meet people with common interests, it is a great way to give a little back to the community.  However, first and foremost, your membership helps to make us a stronger community with a stronger voice in our efforts to protect our riding areas.  


Your membership will also allow you access to the member directory, allowing you to communicate with other members by e-mail.


Help us in our attempts to preserve one of our favorite past times - join today!

Upcoming events

Stay tuned for the announcement of your next event. All members will be notified by e-mail.

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